Economical Enterprise Resource Planning

Economical Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning is something which is utmost needed during periods such as Pandemic. Close collaboration among different business departments and strategic business units would generate synergies if those are backed up by a strong system. Small to medium enterprises are challenged to strike a balance between the cost and the feature effectivity at the choice of ERP solutions. As a result of Covid-19 where practices such as social distancing and other hygiene practices became mandatory, sustaining such relationships became a challenge to enterprises especially lacking with technology infusion and diffusion. 

  • Wondering about your Next steps at your BusinessBizNext is all what you truly need; simply leaving the enterprise at safe hands as it consists a collection of several applications to assemble, save, supervise, and analyze the efficiency of daily business operations. Regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large organisation having departments spanning across multiple disciplines, implementation of an ERP has become an integral part of enterprise lifeline. Hesitancy in investing on ERP solutions is occurring in the industry due to excessive cost and subject matter expertise.
  • BizNext – simple, affordable and easy to learn ERP, having its client base from an automobile manufacturer such as Toyota all the way to healthcare and gem & jewelry manufacturers. 

Key Highlights

  • Not in cloud yet? Regardless of whether the world is moving smoothly or under pandemic, you can contribute to your organisation and the world without interrupting to the business operations from where you are – BizNext is a cloud-based ERP solution which could be accessed using mobile devices. 
  • Are you spending millions every year on Licenses? – let’s divide that by 10 with BizNext. Gain focus on core capabilities instead of the other nice to haves’ that causes distraction by industry popular testimonials, as it is mandatory to prioritize the finances due to budget constraints caused as a result of the pandemic.  
  • Complicated to Implement, Change or Configure? Always need assistance to set things up? – self custom make with BizNext is just a cake walk. 
  • Covid-19 made you think frugal – Switch to BizNext without losing any data while saving your money. 

What BizNext offers?

Here is a list of features offered by BizNext ERP for a better acquaintance with the software:  

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 
  • Inventory Management. 
  • Purchase Management. 
  • Manufacturing Workflows Supervision. 
  • Sales Management. 
  • Work Flow Management. 
  • Administration and Access Management . 
  • Financial Accounting.  
  • Customer and Supplier Portal (External Portal).