Kick-Start for Digital transformation

Covid-19 has certainly made an impact on digital platforms due to physical isolations enforced. Decisions on lock downs have silenced the brick-and-motor and real estates while the footfall and traffic are being measured on online solutions. Nevertheless, pharmaceuticals and groceries remain as the rudimentary necessities of the public. 

Grocers are adapting to meet online and in-store demand as people shelter in place, accelerating online grocery in an unprecedented way. The sales been made last month by digital giants such as Amazon has been soaring remarkably due to sudden surge of demand. As predicted by the experts, there will be new consumer patterns post Covid-19 pandemic and online digital presence will be heavily regarded.  

BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and businesses due to Covid-19 needs to be accommodated by the technologies. Certain governments are encouraging the small and medium enterprises for a digital transformation by providing grants. 

A quick turnaround from design to delivery could be achieved through our predefined developments with a lead time as short as five working days. 

 It includes a fully-fledged web solution including shopping cart, connecting with third party delivery apps and integration of various payment gateways to facilitate online payment. Our professional UX designers has given mobile responsive, interactive and user-friendly design to consumers and admin portal. 

Following are the features that brought our ecommerce solution to supreme quality 

  • Content management capabilities. 
  • Inventory management facility. 
  • Promotion and discount code tools. 
  • An easy-to-use checkout. 
  • Search engine optimization. 
  • Reporting facility. 
  • An integrated blog or articles section. 
  • Email marketing integration. 
  • Multiple payment options (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, etc.). 
  • Multiple payment gate way integration (Stripe, PayHere, etc.) ensuring PCI Compliance. 
  • Set page URL’s and SEO elements for categories. 
  • The ability to scale up with different platforms (Groceries, booking services, etc.). 
  • User-Generated Reviews.
  • Related items, Wish list and Special offers. 
  • Return and refunding facility. 
  • Delivery app integration. 
  • Administrative portal.