Online Enterprise Marketplace

As an online trader gains demand in the industry it is inevitable that managing logistics become a formidable task to sustain customer satisfaction and goodwill.

Online marketplace solution that connects wholesale personnel and owners with interest of getting the best ever deal to their products, with maestros in this industry on conducting such valuations. Our capabilities enable to provide this service by integrating with cutting edge statistics of leading dealer associations thereby ensuring maximum customer satisfaction also yielding miraculous profit margins. In addition, whilst these products are placed on to the inventory the corresponding regulatory and financial logistics are also handled meticulously. Interestingly integrations have been setup with the inventory seamlessly with leading auction houses thereby enabling to further enhance profit margins maximising the business benefits. Alternatively, the capability of having these available as direct-to-consumer for sales can also be established.

Key Highlights

  • As a person who wants to sell their own product or a trader, there are always questions such as, will I get the best value for my product? will I get my cash on time? do I have to wait for a long time? and so forth. A request for an offer can be made by simply providing a set of rudimentary information either as a guest user or, as a registered user if you wish to request offers from time to time.  
  • Keeping these customers in dark for long will lead to a collapse in business Also, the package provided should be fair as well as competitive. The maestros who are looking into such requests are also given the opportunity to closely collaborate with leading dealer associations in order to sustain the competitiveness thereby convincing the customer on real value for money. 
  • If the offer sounds promising, then clear guidelines are given on fulfilling financial and regulatory requirements which takes a form of a typical joy ride. It’s that simple and saves the time in paying visits in a usual business deal. 
  • These products should be sold at the right time for right people at the right value as that’s the way the business makes money. In order to capitalize such opportunities, the pool of products should be managed methodically which can be accomplished conveniently. As a result, the organization was able to publish them either at renowned auction houses or at the ecommerce portal integrated to this solution. 
  • Merges and Acquisitions are inevitable in a growth space of a company. As a result of the goodwill gained, there were compelling requests been made by other businesses in same industry to attain business benefits mutually by integrating all systems on to a single platform. 
  • On the other hand, the business did not want to wait until customers and dealers approach them. Infact, the capacity to reveal potential business opportunities at the current auctions were discovered. However, it was an arduous task to have a holistic view on such occasions of auction events, which was achieved successfully thereby maximizing on business benefits. 

Tech Stack

Our tech stack consists with a wide range of variety depicted as follows including its distinct benefits as recommendation. 


  • Facilitates UI composite based development. 
  • Ability to develop faster rendering UIs. 
  • Ability to use HTML inside .js file (JSX Expression). 


  • Typescript: Static type language enabling to develop stable applications. 
  • Single page-based application development.  
  • Efficient adaptability to MVC architecture. 


  • Faster API Development. 
  • Single non-blocking threads ensuring efficient application performance. 
  • Large ecosystem. 


  • Ability to perform data query efficiently.
  • Convenient integration with application components. Scalability support across multiple nodes / clusters.
  • Scalability support across multiple nodes / clusters.

.NET Core

  • Excessive support for rapid development due to minimum effort on boilerplate coding. 
  • Horizontal scalability across different micro services.  
  • Robust inbuilt security. 


  • Support embedded server creation with each microservices. 
  • Support wide range of databases which includes relational and no-sql databases. 
  • Support automated testing processes to reduce the time required for software implementation and to mitigate the risk of human error.


  • MySql is a popular rdbms and has easy-to-find support so it is easy to find specialists who can support it. 
  • MySql licencing is free. 
  • Supported by most number of programming languages.


  • Convenient deployment of applications and spinning up of server instances. 
  • High availability due to lease amount of downtime. 
  • Secure infrastructure environment. 


  • Least resource utilisation on application deployment ensuring efficiency. 
  • Cost effective due to productive resource utilisation.
  • Pre-configured images thereby reducing time spent on initial infrastructure setup. 


  • Convenient to rollback and redeployment of application builds. 
  • Convenience in setting up different environments distinct to development and testing purposes.


  • Platform independent.  
  • Consist with extensive pool of plugins enabling to fulfill desired requirements of CI/CD related operations conveniently. 
  • Convenient setting up of build automation jobs coupled with notification services. 


  • Integration with statistics of 3rd parties. 
    In order to generate an offer to a consumer it was essential to have real time statistics provided by 3rd parties. Besides, in European region special adherence was essential on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as a legal requirement. 
    Since these services are at an expense, every time a request has been made to each of them, there is a cost involved. As a result, if anyone wish to proceed with similar implementation then it will incur a significant cost. Therefore, it is advised to build a centralized service coupled with a separate database thereby ensuring requests made for these vendors are controlled. Moreover, systematic stringent measures should be transparent to ensure data protection.  
  • Live auction data view. 
    At a given time per auction house there are data exceedingly over hundreds and thousands of records at an average, posing a challenge to display the new data along with existing data records in a single view. Among these data there could be duplicated data as well. In such a situation it is recommended to have an algorithm to avoid data duplicity and create a data backup strategy thereby ensuring that priority is given for latest data storage and display. 
  • Inventory integration with auction houses. 
    In typical scenarios where lack of standard documentation and support available for the given APIs by different auction houses in order facilitate inventory items to be sold at auctions. In such situations the technical expertise is vital and significant rounds of experiments should be made until the objective is attained. 
  • Transfer web and other services built under monolithic architecture to microservice architecture. 
  • Avoid data repetition from one module to another and code compatibility. 
  1. It is recommended to have separate application modules having their own dedicated database module.
  • Application management and deployment complexity. 
  1. There were modules built using multiple front end and back end technologies. In such situations it is essential for managed services in order to keep track of deployment and application management at an extra effort due to complexity.
  • Inter module communication. 
  1. Since different modules were built using different technologies building separate modules to facilitate communication is challenging significantly. In such instances it is advised to build separate modules in order to facilitate such communication.