Diversified platforms for various businesses are popping up fast, due to the rapid market setting up around the world. There are times where a Buyer fails to visit or meet the Seller for a deal owing to distance, time, etc., and situations where the trade is not successful due to many circumstances, where they understand it is a waste of time and money after meeting each other.

This is a common issue where many business parties complain about, and few of the examples are as below:

  • I’ve found the perfect machine to buy, but it’s too far to go and get it. I don’t know whether it’s worth for me to travel so far since I don’t know the real condition of it.
  • § I am selling my car and have a great buyer, but he lives far away. Should I travel that far to sell it, even not knowing the person well?
  • When people started facing and querying these, software geeks started exploring and implementing solutions. As a result of these findings, a service has been introduced as SafeExchange.

Modern process of wrapping up a business deal

SafeExchange is a service which the business parties could purchase, to exchange their associated documents, bankroll firmly and safely without presented themselves physically anywhere across the country. It inspects all pertinent details are in order and true, before exchanging them among the relevant parties. To inspect, a service like WeGoLook can be used.

SafeExchange is becoming the most efficient way of handling a critical step of the business deal. It is not very popular or familiar in many countries yet. But few nations like USA, has already on the run with it. This can be used not only to sell vehicles or machines. It can be used for any business, and the process might be varied with reference to the deal type. Once the business parties have decided to make the deal, they can continue with the service.

Below screens show the steps of SafeExchange process.

  • Megan who lives in Nevada has a car to sell. Sara who lives in Pennsylvania is looking for a car to buy.
  • They meet each other via a buying and selling platform and realized they are too far to meet each other to complete the deal.
  • Sara is worried to send the cash to Megan without getting the vehicle and the necessary documents. She doubts the documents are filled properly and are in order.
  • Also, Megan doesn’t want to send the vehicle without getting cash on hand.
  • Both started using SafeExchange service to proceed the deal.
  • SafeExchange will receive the documents and cash till the vehicle will be inspected.
  • Once both parties confirm that they are ready to complete the deal, SafeExchange start the process.
  • SafeExchange exchanges the vehicle and the cash among Sara and Megan.
  • Happy SafeExchange Users.