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Automation Starter

Highly maintainable and reusable scripting facilities with page object modelling which eliminates the extra effort on Automation, suitable for writing automated tests in Web application by simulating the real user activities.


Diversified platforms for various businesses are popping up fast, due to the rapid market setting up around the world. There are times where a Buyer fails to visit or meet the Seller for a deal owing to distance, time, etc., and situations where the trade is not successful due to many circumstances, where they understand it is a waste of time and money after meeting each other.

Socially Distanced, Digitally Connected.

It is evident that instances such as Covid-19 pandemic would directly force social distancing,  country wise lock downs and stringent hygiene measures which would frame…

Online Enterprise Marketplace

As an online trader gains demand in the industry it is inevitable that managing logistics become a formidable task to sustain customer satisfaction and goodwill.

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Kick-Start for Digital transformation

Covid-19 has certainly made an impact on digital platforms due to physical isolations enforced. Decisions on lock downs have silenced the brick-and-motor and real estates while the footfall and traffic are being measured on online solutions. Nevertheless, pharmaceuticals and groceries remain as the rudimentary necessities of the public.

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Economical Enterprise Resource Planning

Close collaboration among different business departments and strategic business units would generate synergies if those are backed up by a strong system. Small to medium enterprises are challenged to strike a balance between the cost and the feature effectivity at the choice of ERP solutions. As a result of Covid-19 where practices such as social distancing and other hygiene practices became mandatory, sustaining such relationships became a challenge to enterprises especially lacking with technology infusion and diffusion.

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